Fishing Harbour, Liopetri



*3d PRIZE*


An ‘archipelago’ of eco-islands

The project has been awarded the 3d prize at the competition for the ‘Liopetri Fishing Harbour and Park’  that took place in two stages in 2010 and 2011 respectively about the regeneration of the area of the river and fishing harbour in Liopetri, Cyprus. The project team was short-listed in the first stage and was awarded a third price in the second stage.  The brief of the first stage of the competition asked for ideas in regard to the fishing harbour. At present the harbour consists of self-made fishing piers that informally occupy the riverbank, which however produce a unique result that many visitors describe as ‘picturesque’ while we would rather describe as original pieces of self-made and self-managed vernacular architecture The competition brief during the first stage also asked for ideas about the area of cultivation land along the inland shore of the river, the relocation of some existing buildings such as restaurants and family houses, the incorporation of a large part of a forestry land on the west side of the river –which was eventually removed from the competition brief during the second phase– and the development of a government-owned land on the east side. On the second stage, the brief asked specifically for design proposals concerning ways that the amateur fishermen can be relocated along the river with health and safety regulations taken account of and fishing infrastructure and public access provided. The brief also asked for ideas about how organic cultivations can be placed in the area and how the area can work as a public park, by installing a visitor-park programme, such as a visitor centre, a cafe and a restaurant, and spaces for canoe and kayak learning and hiring.

Before starting to set up our proposal for the competition we were intrigued by the wisdom of the existing hand-made fishermen’s jetties as well as the qualities of the found elements on the site. A big part of our proposal is based on a preliminary work were we catalogued in detail all the existing jetties and attempted a typological comparison. At a second stage we realized that the existing jetties are only a part of a site that actually contains all sort of fragments, like pieces of state-owned land, parts of forest, private-owned plots, small cultivated fields. For our design proposal we worked with this idea of fragmentation, not necessarily as a negative feature, but as an ‘as-found’ condition, which could offer us a design strategy. For that reason we imagined this fragmented site as being converted into an archipelago of micro-environments that could even extend beyond the limits of the river, to the wider area and become a network of reference for all sorts of users. Our proposal was evolved around the design as a conversion of fragments into self-sustained, self-managed and self-constructed complex of ‘islands’. According to our proposal, in such archipelago of small naturally, socially and economically sustainable eco-systems, experiencing nature would not mean just visiting it, but dedicating time and effort in cultivating, preserving and sailing it.


PROJECT: ‘Fishing Harbour and Park at Liopetri River’ 3d prize at a two-stage competition. In collaboration with AA+U, Dr. Sokratis Stratis

CLIENT: Municipality of Lioptri and Department of Planning

PLACE/TIME: Cyprus, 20011-12

BUDGET: 11.000.000 E


DESIGN TEAM: Christiana Ioannou (dw*), Christos Papastergiou (dw*), Sokratis Stratis (AA+U)





‘The Liopetri Archipelago’ and the Liopetri Region ‘Arc’  

Plan of the wider River area and Park





plan of the River delta with the jetties

the canoe jetty


the birds observatory


the organic cultivation ‘islands’ and the fishermen’s ‘islands’


the cafe and info building

cataloguing the existing jetties

elements of the ‘as found’ condition

typologies of the proposed jetties (‘IKEA jetty’)

images from the 1st stage of the competition