Christiana Ioannou, Christos Papastergiou, architects eng., Msc, PhD candidates UCL


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Autonomeforme, architects (IT), dkwerkraum, architecture, landscape architecture (CH), Curio Cabinet, museologists (GR), AA+U, architecture, urbanism (CY), Christiana Karagiorgi architects (CY), Autonome Forme architecture, urbanism, landscape (IT)


Mariza Daouti, Eftychios Savvidis, Marco Scarpinato, Lucia Piero, Adamos Adamou, Andreas Biros, Panayiotis Rotsides, Rafaella Christodoulou, Christina Panayi, Andrea Kleanthous, Kyriakos Myltiadous, Harry Varnavas, Michalis Pirocca, Nicos Yiatros, Dr Sokratis Stratis (AA+U), Christiana Karagiorgi, Daphne Kokkini, Spiros Nasainas, Katerina Lolou, Nektarios Kefalogiannis, Anastasia Angelidou


Christos Topouzis ‘eplan’ (Electrical Eng.), Prokopis Polydorou ‘PolyPro’  (Mechanical Eng.), Stelios Makrides (Budget Consultant), Manos Tsolakis (Landscape Architect), Heraclis Papachristou (Papachristou architects), Yannakis Mitisides (Mechanical Eng.), Michalis Nikolaides (Electrical Eng.),  Christos Baltas (Structural Eng.), Nikos Kalathas (Structural Eng.),  Constantinos Pavlou (Website Engineering), Alexis Adamidis (Quantity Surveyor), Andreas Demetriades (Q C)


Andromachi Stylianou (UPatras), Angelina Voulgari (UPatras), Stephania Georgiou (UCrete), Andreas Pouros (UNic), Paisios Skitini (UCy), Stephanie Zavalli (UNic), Ioulia Mitsidi (UNic), Ioannis Kyriakides (UNic), Eleni Stavrou (UNic), Chrysanthos Yiakoumpiv (UNic), Christiana Pitsillidou (AHOslo), Nikolas Kourtis (Bartlett), Andri Papadopoulou (UCy), Nasios Varnavas (Bartlett), Harry Varnavas (RCA), Elena Yennari (UCy), Maria Prokopiou (UCy), Savia Palate (UCy)



Christiana Ioannou was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She has received her Diploma in Architecture and MSc in Architectural Theory from the School of Architecture, NTUA, where she also taught design and visual arts. She has participated in architectural exhibitions and publications (Athens, Cyprus, Helsinki, Venice, London) and has been awarded prizes in joint international design competition entries with Christos Papastergiou. She is currently undertaking the PhD Architectural Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL sponsored by the Hellenic Republic (IKY) and  teaches at UNic and UCy.

Christos Papastergiou dipl Arch, MSc (NTUA), PhD (UCL). Christos was born in Athens, Greece. He holds a diploma in Architecture, an MSc in interdisciplinary Theory of Space from the School of Architecture, NTUA and a PhD in Architectural Design from the Bartlett School of Architecture which he completed with a scholarship from the Hellenic Republic (IKY). Christos practices architecture with Christiana Ioannou. He has received awards in architectural competitions and his work has been exhibited in Greece, Cyprus, Brussels, London and the Venice Biennale. He currently teaches at UCy.


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